Some instructions can be obtained reading the LBSim guide: click here.


For visualization, we used the OpenGL library to draw the results of the simulations. The scale of colors (used in order to show the magnitude of the values of the simulation) is presented below:

Simulation Execution

To execute a saved simulation, you can do the following steps:

  1. 1. Click the option "Load All" of the menu "File" and select the desired simulation file
  2. 2. Click the option "Begin" of the menu "Simulation" to start the simulation (from the point that was saved)
  3. 3. To stop the simulation, click "Simulation" => "End"

Model Construction

In order to build a model to simulate, you can make an image file (in PNG format, using image editing tools, like GIMP). Each pixel at the image represents a cell in the model. The color of the pixel determines the type of the cell. This association is presented below.

ColorRGB CodeCell Type
    FFFFFF Fluid
    FF0000 Inlet
    000000 Outlet
    808080 Wall
    404040 Porous Wall
    0000FF Moving Wall
    00FF00 Null

Some examples of models are presented below. Observe that many scenarios can be simulated using these basic elements.

Change of Parameters

The developed program allows the user to change the parameters during the simulation. To do that, you can edit the value in the textfields and press the ENTER key. It is simple like that!

Simulation Results

During and after the simulation, it is possible to visualize the results in a series of different views: graphically (through the colors scale and the graphics window, presented below) and numerically (the program can write files with the obtained values).