In the last years, the Lattice Boltzmann method has been used for many types of simulations, including areas beyond the fluid dynamics. During these years, different approaches were presented. So, there are many techniques based on the Lattice Boltzmann method that can be used in order to simulate a broad number of cases. Below, we try to list the main used approaches as well as the implemented features of the LBSim.

AreaFeature / ApproachStatus
Relaxation Time single (SRT), using BGK  
multiple (MRT)  
Dimensions D1Q3  
D3Q15, D3Q19, D3Q27  
Boundaries bounce-back  
moving walls  
slip (high Knudsen)  
fixed flux + zero gradient  
Zou and He  
Components and Phases single, single (SCSP)  
multiphase (SCMP)  
multicomponent (MCSP): Shan and Chen  
multicomponent (MCSP): free energy  
Extensions gravity  
passive scalar  
turbulence, Smagorinsky  
drag forces  
charged colloids  
porous cell, from Sukop  
shallow water  
Performance multicore support  
  implemented   out of scope (until now)   scheduled